Videos of Lancers


Veterans Steve Smith and Kenneth Peterson tells harrowing stories of "Orange Bugs" in Vietnam with the 101st Airborne Division.

The Link above is the Interview of Steve Smith, Redskin 16, and myself, Ken Peterson, Lancer 8, conducted by David Yuzuk while we were at the Nashville Reunion.  We kind of stumbled onto David who was conducting an interview for a documentary on 2 LT Richard Flaherty, who was in the 501st, He was 4 ft 9 in tall, became homeless when he came home from Nam after I think 3 tours with a Silver Star, 4 Bronze Star Medals and 4 Purple Hearts, and was run over and killed recently by a drunk driver. David had befriended Richard and wanted to tell his story.  When Steve and I showed up, David corralled us in and took our interview.

Randall Underhill from the 101st Association has placed the Interview on U-tube.

I hope that Steve and I did you, his wing mate, and the crew chief and door gunner on our bird justice in how we told the story.   I'm just so sorry you could not be there during the interview..

Kenneth Peterson

Steve’s patch mentioned during interview.

Picture provided Bill Walker


Hành Quân Lam Sơn 719 - Năm 1971

Here is Lam Son 719 footage of the Lancers taking South Vietnamese Ranger Special Forces into Laos ... these Rangers were all but slaughtered during the Operation ... Many helicopters and crewmembers were lost supporting them out there. It was some of the worst fighting I saw in the war. I never took so much fire and so many hits than on the missions supporting the ARVN Special Forces bases way out there during Lam Son 719.
Some of us were on these birds.


Vietnam War: 101st In The A Shau April 1971

This shows the 101st returning to the A Shau Valley on April 14 and 15th for a very short visit called Operation Fury. Members of 327th Infantry Airborne Reg make combat assault onto landing zone, watch air strikes before moving out. Troops climbing mountain in dense jungle. Soldiers without rucksacks on reconnaissance patrol in elephant grass later jungle fire M- 79 grenade launchers as harassing fire. Radio operator calling in platoon's location. Troops walking in dense jungle en route to pickup zone. Platoon sergeant writing loading roster. Troops waiting at pickup zone. UH-1Bs coming in for landing, troops embarking and the copters taking off. There was no contact. Filmed by Chris Jensen a motion picture photographer with the 221st Signal/Southeast Asia Pictorial Center. It was shot with a 16 mm Filmo which was powered by a wind-up spring (I kid you not). No auto-focus and no light meters. The Army told its photographers to guess at the lighting. It often worked. Still photographer Jim Saller and mopic guy Dennis Clark, both of the 221st, also covered this. This video replaces an earlier, unedited version that was a poor, low-res conversion from the original 16 mm.