MDL Homecoming Celebration
October 2006
Bruce & Peggy Nesmith

Mike Mannion - 
receiving the Lancer Bell, and the Bell and portion of the Charge Letter



The Plaque and stickers

The Bell


MDL bunny hop line


JD & Ethel


Lanny & Ethel

MDL Lady Karaoke
RS16, JD, Lanny - "We Gotta Get Outta This Place"
JD & Daniel
Lanny & Daniel
Lanny's "Report"

Flight: Thanks to Bruce and Peggy for making the party! 

 The Plaque and stickers; MDL bunny hop line; MDL Lady Karaoke. This concludes the photos from the Lancer Homecoming; you probably would have enjoyed them more IF YOU had been there . . . it was a really great homecoming and we continue to appreciate them as much as they appreciate us. I met the new Lancer 6 and told him we would continue to support them in any way we could.  I want to thank JD for bringing 30 year old faded wrapping paper and a box for the Bell . . . what . . . no ribbon or bow!!! (hehe) I took JD and Ethel out for dinner Saturday for their engagement gift . . . ah . . . I got a serious case of diarrhea the next day . . . but I'm sure that's not indicative of anything in their future . . . I've never seen him happier or more articulate. Ethel is a "keeper" and I assured him that he wouldn't be embarrassed by any of his Lancer brothers during any wedding . . . , hell . . . we can't get more that 3 or 4 to show up for a reunion! (hehe) Ah . . . when it takes place, We are all invited . . . albeit you may have 3 seconds to RSVP . . . I wouldn't give that much time! Congratulations John and I look forward to our next encounter! Lanny-13.
RS16 pretends to read the Lancer Charge letter . . . ah . . . we all know that "redskins" can't read? (hehe) MDL Karaoke time. The best two looking IP's I've ever seen in my lifetime . . . well . . . at least one? L13.
Yo Dennis: Did you see that I got that kid of yours to "almost" smile . . . I just grabbed his ass . . . I think he liked it? (hehe) Here is JD and Daniel, Mike Mannion receiving the Lancer Bell, and the Bell and portion of the Charge Letter;  L13 PS: He says he's living in an apartment with 2 other Lancers and promised not to get in trouble . . . lies just like Dad! (hehe)

I want to again thank Steve Smith, Bruce Nesmith and Peggy, and John D and Ethel for attending the Lancer Family Reunion on Oct. 27th . . . it would have really been embarrassing IF I had to sing "We Gotta Get Outta This Place" by myself! Lanny - 13.